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A long time ago, SR Suntour believed suspension forks had a valuable role to play in the development of the mountain bike, which back then, were predominantly rigid. As true today as it was at the beginning, SR Suntour’s philosphy is to make sure that all riders, regardless of their budget, benefit from SR Suntour’s technical innovations. We call it REFINED SIMPLICITY - bringing together performance, quick and easy servicing and value for money.

The e-bike revolution stems from the same principle; make cycling more enjoyable and accessible. SR Suntour has, since its inception, boldly swam UPSTREAM against the current of convention, daring to develop our QSP approach, cartridge based suspension systems and most recently the PCS system. Our commitment to Refined Simplicity drives us on. The latest e-bikes are performance bikes designed and built to meet the demands of the most skilled of riders. SR Suntour is proudly at the forefront of this phenomena both on and off-road. Still swimming UPSTREAM, SR Suntour proudly presents our updated products line for MY19. When you dare, accept the excitement!

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Suntour Sattelstütze NCX 27,2mm
Suntour Sattelstütze NCX 27,2mm
Fahren wie auf einem vollgefedertem E-Bike Die Parallelogramm – Federsattelstütze ist aus Aluminium und hat einen Federweg von 50 mm. Sie sitzen auf dieser Sattelstütze wie auf Ihrem Sessel – extremst bequem! Wir empfehlen Ihnen...
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